About Us

The Women of Distinction luncheon was formed in 1989 in Montgomery County with the idea to bring light to the volunteer community. Each year, the organizations gather for a luncheon honoring their "Women of Distinction". She is recognized for the numerous hours, unyielding commitment and loyal dedication she has provided their agency.


Our purpose is to:

  • Educate member organizations and the public about volunteerism and community service​
  • Promote, support and enhance the efforts of member organizations
  • Foster cooperation and coordination among members in order to maximize the effectiveness and potential of each member organization
  • Disseminate information among members in order to minimize duplication of services and avoid conflicts of scheduling and activities
  • Maximize member organizations’ individual and collective positive impact on the community


Meet Our Board of Directors

2022 Board of Directors

(from left to right):  Mary Lea Kirk, Treasurer; Jace Grainger, Design & Print; Carol Gooch, President; Rita Wiltz, Vice President; Amanda Wood, Marketing & Website; Dawn Candy, Membership; and Margie Taylor, PR, Social Media & Secretary