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The 2023 Women of Distinction luncheon will be a can't-miss event! We are so excited and hope you can join us on May 5, 2023, for a Cinco de Mayo celebration!


We are now accepting new and renewal membership applications.

Information About MCWCO & Women of Distinction

Montgomery County Women's Council of Organizations (MCWCO) serves nonprofit organizations by providing a forum for agencies to network and update each other regarding services and resources.

Each year, the organizations choose a volunteer to honor as their "Woman of Distinction". She is recognized for the numerous hours, unyielding commitment and loyal dedication she has provided their agency.

Memberships are renewed annually, starting in January.

Nonprofit agencies provide services, goods and resources that are needed by many in Montgomery County. There isn't a nonprofit that can create significant change without the dedication of its many volunteers, and MCWCO is proud to provide an opportunity for these organizations to honor their special volunteer in a very dynamic way.

Meet Our Executive Board Members

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