2020 Women of Distinction

Congratulations to all the honorees that have been selected as Women of Distinction for 2020!

Due to COVID-19, we were unable to have our annual luncheon to celebrate the 30th anniversary together, and so wanted to honor the women through a video.

Please enjoy the video honoring these women for their commitment and dedication to our member organizations in Montgomery County!


the 2020 MCWCO Board of Directors

Carol Gooch, President
Rita Wiltz, Vice President
Theresa Wagaman, Past President / Secretary
Mary Lea Kirk, Treasurer
Jace Grainger - Design & Print
Amanda Wood - Marketing
Margie Taylor - Public Relations
Dawn Candy - Membership

Montgomery County Women's Council of Organizations (MCWCO) serves nonprofit organizations by providing a forum for agencies to network and update each other regarding services and resources.

Each year the organizations gather at a luncheon honoring their "Women of Distinction". She is recognized for the numerous hours, unyielding commitment and loyal dedication she has provided their agency.

Nonprofit agencies provide services, goods and resources that are needed by many in Montgomery County. There isn't a nonprofit that can create significant change without the dedication of its many volunteers, and MCWCO is proud to provide an opportunity for these organizations to honor their special volunteer in a very dynamic way.